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Launch Date: 14 July 2015 Alltime Total Hours:54,885 hrs
Total Aircraft In Fleet:123 Alltime Total Flights:1,181
Total Schedules:748 Months Total Flights:38
Total Pilots:17 Todays Total Flights:2

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Published on 30.06. 2016
Pilot registering is open for only 100 pilots! Welcome to the new AAL virtual ! If your interested in flying with us you may register only with vatsim and or ivao id. We have a range of management and staff vacancies available, if you think you have what it takes we want to hear. Below is a list of current vacancies.   Under high pressure, I am working on the new AALV. I would like to inform you. If you are registered you in the AALV. The Flight hours of vafinancials - IVAO and VATSIM credited to the new Pilot Account. We bring you a brand new Briefing / Dispatc...

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AAL103 Tom Streit has filed a PIREP from LOWL to EDDT View Flight Report

AAL103 Tom Streit has filed a PIREP from GCRR to LOWL View Flight Report

AAL103 Tom Streit has filed a PIREP from ENVA to GCRR View Flight Report

AAL103 Tom Streit has filed a PIREP from ENAT to ENVA View Flight Report

AAL103 Tom Streit has filed a PIREP from EPRZ to ENAT View Flight Report

AAL018 Charly Trczelinsky has filed a PIREP from KMCO to KDFW View Flight Report

AAL103 Tom Streit has filed a PIREP from PAFA to EPRZ View Flight Report

Phuket (HKT) Book - dream island with many facets Phuket is Thailand's largest island and one of the most famous destinations in the Asian region. White beaches, bright blue water, a well-developed tourist infrastructure and the hospitality of the Thai people make Phuket (HKT) in many respects to an exotic vacation paradise. The choice of accommodation ranges from simple guesthouses for young party people, family hotels to luxury resorts, world-class. The two centers of tourism are the capital Phuket Town and Patong Beach. Let yourself here through the busy streets and markets drive, try the culinary delights of the street stalls or celebrate in the countless beach bars and clubs until dawn. Phuket (HKT) offers entertainment for every taste and every budget.

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Operator Flight Origin Time Destination Time Aircraft Pilot
AAX232 EGLL 25.08.2016 23:00 KBOS 26.08.2016 07:00 A350-900 AAL565 - Dean Lawrence
Operator Flight Origin Destination Flighttime Pirep Time Aircraft Landingrate Pilot
AAX1254 LOWL EDDT 00:56 25.08.2016 12:23 B737-800 -279 ft/min AAL103 - Tom Streit
AAX1252 GCRR LOWL 03:54 25.08.2016 11:12 B737-800 -226 ft/min AAL103 - Tom Streit
AAX1248 ENVA GCRR 05:58 24.08.2016 18:15 B737-800 -106 ft/min AAL103 - Tom Streit
AAX1246 ENAT ENVA 01:20 24.08.2016 12:01 B737-800 -266 ft/min AAL103 - Tom Streit
AAX1244 EPRZ ENAT 03:12 24.08.2016 10:18 B737-800 -368 ft/min AAL103 - Tom Streit
AAX1242 KMCO KDFW 02:16 24.08.2016 08:06 B777-300 -200 ft/min AAL18 - Charly Trczelinsky
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Welcome on Board AAL virtual airliine warmly welcomes it`s newest cockpit crew members:

Oscar Rodriguez United States
Roberto Zagarella Italy
Rui Zarro Portugal
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Pilot Ratings Our top rated pilots:

We take all your VATSIM and IVAO Flight Hours for the Rating System....
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Video & Media Center It´s for your Screenshots and Videoproduction. Training Center: The Flight Academy is currently closed

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Airline Statistics AAL virtual airliine operates Airberlin, British Airways, Qantas and many more flights around the world within the Flight Simulator Environment. To view actual statistical data check our stats pages!
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HQ and Hub Info In our modern fleet we fly to the world`s most beautiful places.
Currently there are 748 flights available for booking. AAL virtual has total 108 Aircraft in Fleet on 5 Hub´s. Headquarter and Hub is KDFW also Hub´s in KJFK - KORD - KLAX - KMIA.
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Tours Need a break from flying our regular routes? Why not join one of our amazing tours and discover challenging airports around the world. Tour and Events in preparation.
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Route Network We fly to some of the most interesting places in the world. To get an overview over our routes check out our interactive route map.
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Techical News Airbus X Extended AAL A320CFM new livery version Aerosoft Forum. Livery is in the download section.

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