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Reopen Date: 15th September 2016 Alltime Total Hours:40,166 hrs
Total Aircraft In Fleet:155 Alltime Total Flights:533
Total Schedules:3,099 Months Total Flights:34
Total Pilots:18 Todays Total Flights:1

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Published on 25.09. 2016
Pilot registering is after a reopen back for only 100 pilots! Welcome to the EWG virtual ! If your interested in flying with us you may register only with vatsim and or ivao id. We have a range of management and staff vacancies available, if you think you have what it takes we want to hear. Below is a list of current vacancies.   Under high pressure, I am working on the new EWG VA. I would like to inform you. If you are registered you in the EWG. The Flight hours of vafinancials - IVAO and VATSIM credited to the new Pilot Account. We bring you a brand new B...

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EWG1389 RichardKar RichardKarSL has just joined, welcome aboard! View Profile

EWG1389 RichardKar RichardKarSL has been promoted to Trainee!

EWG1386 Stephen Pfrommer has filed a PIREP from EDDS to LEVC View Flight Report

1388 has just joined, welcome aboard! View Profile

1388 has been promoted to Trainee!

EWG103 Tom Streit has filed a PIREP from KIAD to LKPR View Flight Report

1387 has been promoted to Trainee!

Dubai Dubai (DXB) buchen - Das moderne Märchen aus 1001 Nacht Wo vor wenigen Jahrzehnten noch eine verschlafene Siedlung mit kleinem Handelshafen und Fischern das Bild prägte, befindet sich heute eine der modernsten und am schnellsten wachsenden Metropolen der Welt: Dubai (DXB). Dank großer Erdölvorkommen wuchs das Emirat nicht nur sehr schnell in der Fläche, sondern vor allem in die Höhe. Wer das erste Mal die Skyline von Dubai (DXB) vom Flugzeug aus sieht, kann sich seinem Bann nur schwer wieder entziehen. Mehr als 200 künstliche Inseln, das höchste Gebäude (Burj Khalifa) und das größte Aquarium der Welt sind nur einige der Superlative, mit denen Dubai (DXB) Besucher aus aller Welt anlockt.

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Operator Flight Origin Time Destination Time Aircraft Pilot
EWG8595 LSGG 26.03.2017 20:00 LEPA 26.03.2017 21:30 B737-800 EWG18 - Charly Trczelinsky
Operator Flight Origin Destination Flighttime Pirep Time Aircraft Landingrate Pilot
EWG2591 EDDS LEVC 02:08 26.03.2017 13:59 A320-200 -249 ft/min EWG1386 - Stephen Pfrommer
EWX512 KIAD LKPR 07:33 25.03.2017 18:58 B747-800 -358 ft/min EWG103 - Tom Streit
EWX510 LEVC LSGG 01:46 24.03.2017 23:00 B777-300 -491 ft/min EWG18 - Charly Trczelinsky
EWX504 LOWW KIAD 08:25 24.03.2017 16:07 B747-800 -424 ft/min EWG103 - Tom Streit
EWG8551 EDDL LEPA 02:41 23.03.2017 17:44 A320-200 -190 ft/min EWG1369 - Daniel Reber
EWX502 GCXO LEVC 02:46 23.03.2017 16:13 B747-800 -70 ft/min EWG18 - Charly Trczelinsky
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Welcome on Board VIRTUAL EWG warmly welcomes it`s newest cockpit crew members:

RichardKar RichardKarSL Saudi Arabia
Stephen Pfrommer Germany
Daniel Reber Germany
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Airline Statistics VIRTUAL EWG AIRWAYS operates Lufthansa, germanwings, Eurowings, EWG, Frontier, American Airlines and many more flights around the world within the Flight Simulator Environment. To view actual statistical data check our stats pages!
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HQ and Hub Info In our modern fleet we fly to the world`s most beautiful places.
Currently there are 3099 flights available. Virtual EWG has total 150 Aircraft in Fleet on now 8 Hub. HQ is Dusseldorf. LOWW and LOWS are our new Europe Hub in Austria. LEPA and EDDM our latest HUB .
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Tours Need a break from flying our regular routes? Why not join one of our amazing tours and discover challenging airports around the world. Tour and Events in preparation.
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Route Network We fly to some of the most interesting places in the world. To get an overview over our routes check out our interactive route map.
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Techical News Airbus X Extended EDDK A320CFM new livery version 1.04 from Airmax Aerosoft Forum. Livery is in the download section.

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